We’ve Got You Covered


At Rick Jones Music Managent, we only use Pro-level gear to ensure a great sounding show, event, club or concert every time!  

Using only Audix Gear for all of your vocal needs, along with the award winning D’ Series and i5 mics, you’ll have the security knowing that not only will you sound amazing on stage, but your audience will love the way you sound as well!  

Also paired with these absolutely awesome Audix Mic’s, all of our Mains, Monitor’s and Subs are powered by Turbosound . These Milan series powered speakers and subs are perfect for any live setup!  Wether your performing a short set at a winery, or needing some sound re-enforcement at a local club that may not have what you need, or if your playing a corporate or festival gig that requires you to bring your own PA, these speakers will have you covered!  

With 15 inch mains, 12 inch floor monitors, and 18 inch subs, you’ll have more than enough to get you through the show!

To run it all, we’ve gone the way of the Midas MR18, 18-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 16 Midas Pro PreAmps, integrated WiFi Module and Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface. 

And if you prefer less stage volume, we can easily integrate our 16 Channel Powerplay Digital Ultranet Disrtributor with the Behringer P16 Personal Monitor/Mixer - for every band member on stage!  

We also provide DI Boxes, Mic Cables, Mic Stands, Power Drops, etc...

Bottom line... We’ve got your back!



We know from personal experience that not every venue has what you need to help make your show a success, including a decent backline when your on the road or have a last minute pick-up gig. That’s why we also offer some rental deals on instrumentation.  

Need a reliable Keys Rig?  Check!  A solid drum kit? Check!  Bass or Guitar Amp?  Check on both counts!  

We’ll provide all of that for you, along with stage setup and gear placement according to your stage-plot or rider, just to give you the chance to focus on what’s important... The show!  

Just let us know what you need when sending us a request, and we’ll do our absolute best to provide it!



Need some help with booking your next gig?  Have a website but frustrated with the pain of maintenance and having to upload new content?  Are you needing some help with promotions and marketing to make sure that your reaching your goals?  If you said yes to any of these, then we’re happy to help!

We’ll help with getting that next big gig secured, make sure that all you have to do is show up, set up, play and get paid!  Our rates are fair as we know first hand how much it takes to be in this business!  We also have some great contacts in the Festival and Casino scene, and we’re more than happy to help set up the deal!  

Need some help with your website or promotional content?  We can create a brand new website for you using our favorite platform...  www.bandzoogle.com.  This site is made by musicians for musicians!  We’ll get everything setup for you including, a brand new URL for your band, upload all the content you need to promote yourself, help setup a merch  store, everything you need to help expand your fan base!  Need a cool new logo?  We’ve got the tools to make that happen!  

We’re here to help you be successful and provide the support you need to make that happen!